2022 Community Organizing Priorities

For over 25 years, Casa Latina members have championed the city, state, and national level change for their communities. Want to help support Casa Latina members and their work to champion change for Latinx communities? Join Casa Latina’s virtual “luchadorxs” team. You’ll receive key notifications of how to rally for Latinx immigrants, especially during Washington State’s legislative session which began January 10th.

2022 Organizing Priorities

Led by members of our community and in partnership with coalition partners, Casa Latina organizes at the state, city, and national level to create systematic changes to make this vision a reality. Below are some of our priorities for 2022.

Washington State
Washington State Legislative Session began January 10th!

Health Equity for All
Access to affordable health care and coverage for all Washington residents regardless of immigration status. Our state can take important steps towards creating a health care program that supports immigrants.

Unemployment Insurance for Undocumented Workers
Undocumented workers are excluded from programs like unemployment insurance, including those who pay taxes. Everyone who works and contributes to our economy should be included in this safety net.

Worker Compensation
Day laborers and domestic workers have been excluded from laws providing worker’s compensation insurance and therefore lack support if injured on the job. Washington State can lead the way in creating stronger safety nets by researching a more equitable worker’s compensation that includes everyone.


Voter Education
Education on the voting process is important for mobilizing a powerful and unified community.

Expand access to visas or work permits
Access to visas and work permits is important in ensuring workers can work without fear of deportation or abuse.

National Domestic Worker Bill of Rights
It is time to undo old laws from the Jim Crow era that exclude domestic workers from protections and rights granted to other workers.

City of Seattle

Portable Benefits for Domestic Workers
Domestic workers deserve access to benefits like paid time off. Seattle can be a national leader by creating a system that helps track, access, and enforce benefits for domestic workers.

Together we will continue the work to build a vision where everyone has a right to work and be treated fairly.

In Solidarity,

Silvia Gonzalez
Women Without Borders Lead Coordinator


Panel Discussion – Unemployment Insurance for Undocumented Workers
January 25 | 12:40 – 1-50 PM PST Join Casa Latina and our key partners to learn more about the vision for unemployment insurance for undocumented workers. Here is the link to join.

Panel Discussion – Health Equity
Wednesday! January 26 | 1:00 – 1:55 PM Join Casa Latina and our key partners to learn about the vision for healthy equity for all. Here is the link to join.