Mujeres Sin Fronteras

Mujeres Sin Fronteras (Women Without Borders) is a leadership development program originally created for domestic workers of Casa Latina. 

Mujeres Sin Fronteras arises from the need to create a space where domestic workers can organize to advocate for the dignity of domestic work and create movements for better working conditions without neglecting the challenges as women and mothers.

This program aims to create a safe space where women can work together for social justice, learn together and share information relevant to Latina women. Topics are selected by our members each week– issues of migration, health, education, art, culture, personal care and many more topics are discussed.

Currently, there are three different Mujeres Sin Fronteras groups organizing in Seattle, Auburn, and Everett. These programs are open to all women no matter where they work.

For more information, please contact Silvia Gonzalez at silvia@casa-latina.org.

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