Profile of Domestic Workers in King County

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to the realization of this project.

This comprehensive analysis illuminates the demographic composition and labor force dynamics of domestic workers in the greater Seattle area and the state by addressing the following question: what is the demographic composition and the labor force patterns of domestic workers, and how do those patterns compare to the rest of the labor force?

The resultant statistical profiles reveal high levels of inequality that domestic workers experience that in turn make them vulnerable to low pay and few benefits. This analysis also provides additional evidence, using ‘official statistics,’ for the findings revealed by the Coalition’s 2021 survey of 179 domestic workers. Together, the Census profile and the survey provide evidence to accompany policy recommendations and design a program to provide portable paid time off for domestic workers. Additionally, the Census profile provides evidence of wage gaps among domestic workers by variables including race, ethnicity and citizenship that will buttress actions around wages and pay equity.

This demographic and labor market analysis supports the Seattle Domestic Workers Coalition’s current goals regarding portable benefits and Casa Latina’s campaigns supporting stronger labor protections for domestic workers in Seattle and across the state.

Executive Summary

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