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Somos Vecinos (“We are Neighbors”) is Casa Latina's Spanish language and exchange program.

Spanish Class

Classes are dynamic, interactive, and intended to help students feel comfortable conversing with the Spanish speaking community. Classes are taught by native Spanish speakers and explore the culture of Latin America as well as themes related to Latinx immigrants living in the US.

Below you can find more detail of the 5 separate level classes offered for the Spring 2022 session. Most classes will remain online. Stay tuned for class schedule details once registration opens.

Classes begin Monday April 11th, 2022.

A1 Basic Beginners : 
A1 Basic Beginners is a class for true beginners who have no previous knowledge of Spanish. In this class, you will become familiar with the language, learning basic vocabulary and phrases.

A2 Basic Beginners : 
A2 Basic Beginners is a beginner class for students who are returning to the program, and/or have had some exposure to the language but are not yet comfortable moving to a conversational level.

Elementary Beginner B :
Elementary Beginner B classes are for students who know basic vocabulary and some simple phrases in Spanish but are eager to have more conversations in Spanish. In this level, you will improve your comprehension and use of simple phrases and grammatical structures and you will have the opportunity for  language exchange activities with our community members who are studying English.

Intermediate : 
Intermediate classes are for students who can hold a conversation in Spanish and are looking to cover verb forms beyond the simple present. In this course students will explore the past, present and future verb forms and further develop their conversation skills.

Advanced : 
Advanced classes are for students who converse freely in Spanish and are looking for a place to refine their understanding of the more complicated verb forms, as well as move their conversation skills to be able to discuss politics, literature and contemporary issues.

Questions? Contact our Education Coordinator Suzanne Bottelli at suzanne@casa-latina.org

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