Thank You!

THANK YOU to everyone who has shown up, donated and volunteered to support Casa Latina during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These last few weeks have been ones of rapid change, and adaption. Closing the doors temporarily to our Day Worker Center and Administrative building have not been easy. Many in our community provide for their families through day labor jobs and domestic work. They often have traveled long distances and given up family and community to start their lives over from scratch. Most do not have other resources or any kind of safety net such as unemployment, health insurance or government support. Although closing down was the right thing to do under these circumstances, it was heartbreaking. Below you can find out more about how we are accomplishing our mission despite these closures.

We are encouraged by the rapid and generous response from our community. Thanks to you, we are able to provide direct financial assistance to workers during this time of extraordinary need.  Many of you have already stepped up to donate to our Workers Relief Fund, participate in a staff-led GoFundMe campaign, or donate to Casa Latina’s General Operating Fund.

THANK YOU for your generous gifts (as of March 26)!

Workers Relief Fund:

Group Health Foundation
Seattle Foundation
National Domestic Workers Alliance
And Individual Contributors!

Capacity Building:

Ken Birdwell Foundation

More Gratitude:

We will probably miss someone, so apologies in advance if we fail to mention you. Thank you to everyone who has amplified the importance of our mission through social media. Thank you to our partners from Fair Work CenterWorking Washington, and Entre Hermanos who have collaborated with Casa Latina to generate helpful resources for our community regarding Labor Rights during COVID-19. Thank you to our staff who works tirelessly to keep the mission of Casa Latina moving forward.

What can you do to help?

If you regularly hire Casa Latina workers, please consider continuing to pay for their services during the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order despite the fact that they cannot come to you. For example, Heather in Seattle decided to pay her Casa Latina housekeeper for the entire month and is covering health insurance through mialia.org.  We can get through these tough times together!

Now is the time to ensure that our community can continue to buy food and meet basic needs. As a result, we are providing 100% of the gifts to our Workers Relief Fund directly to our members. Contributing online is more secure, faster and requires less work than processing checks and other donations in the mail. We are also accepting donations to our General Fund so that we can continue being here after the “stay at home order” to educate, provide work, and advocate for the community moving forward. Simply indicate in the notes section if you would like your gift to go to the Workers Relief Fund.

Serving Our Mission: Your grants and donations are accomplishing the following

Casa Latina Members: We made our first disbursement of cash assistance on March 21, 2020 thanks to a grant from the Group Health Foundation. (See photos below.) We will also be contributing funds from the Seattle Foundation, the National Domestic Workers Association, Oxfam and others this month.

Non-Members: Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to expand our membership during the COVID crisis. Cash assistance will be prioritized for existing members who have families with children, those who live alone and may not be able to pay their rent, and those who currently reside in shelters.

Know Your Rights during COVID-19 Webinar. In collaboration with Fair Work Center, Working Washington, and Entre Hermanos we are hosting Spanish webinars from Casa Latina’s Facebook page to present more information about labor rights during COVID-19. Our first Facebook Live webinar took place Wednesday March 25 at 6pm, topics included information related to rights as an immigrant worker in Washington, potential benefits individuals from our community may qualify for, and understanding protective laws as an employee regardless of your immigration status.

Labor Rights Webinars will be hosted from now on Wednesdays at 7pm through Casa Latina’s Facebook Page. Recordings of the sessions will also be available for those who are not able to connect. Our community can submit questions before then.

Mujures Sin Fronteras will also continue to host weekly informative Facebook Live sessions.

Facebook Resources and Events. Please visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on what we are doing in the community and for access to resources.