Introducing Casa Latina South King County

On July 27th, we hosted an open house for our new location in Federal Way, WA.


On July 27trh, we hosted an open house for our new location in South King County. It was an amazing evening where we were accompanied by family, friends, and people from the community. The event was a great way to learn about the vision for the new location as well as tour our new space.   



Since 1994, we have worked to advance the power of Latinx immigrants in Seattle by providing educational and economic opportunities. Our new location in Federal Way will amplify the accessibility of our programs to more people outside of Seattle, increasing the impact of our mission.   


Open house attendees at Casa Latina South King County 

Casa Latina’s job dispatch program in Federal Way will start by offering jobs, workshops, and leadership development training for household cleaners. The program will expand to include additional jobs this Fall.  

Community involvement is important in ensuring that our new location can thrive. Looking to get involved today? 

Here are some ways to get started: