En Camino Gala 2018 - SOLIDARITY and SUCCESS!

Thank you for joining us at a very moving En Camino Gala!

The generosity and solidarity of our guests, community partners, friends, volunteers, and allies were a truly a key piece of an exceptional evening, helping us RESIST a climate of hate and fear as we advance the power and well-being of Latino immigrants.

Hundreds of people attended the En Camino Gala, and together we raised over $230,000 to support Casa Latina programs and say, “Ya no!—Not anymore!” Ya no to living in fear. Ya no to leading with hate. Ya no to being complicit in racist policies and inhumane immigration practices. Together we transformed the evening into a touchstone of resilience, resistance, and power.

Claudia Castro Luna shared her experience of arriving to the US as a refugee of the Salvadoran civil war and later becoming Washington State’s first Latina poet laureate. A special video presentationshowed us the fear our members overcome every day as they find a home, friendships, employment, and empowerment at Casa Latina. Elvia Cortés Cortés reminded us that we each have the power to transform ourselves and our world. Even though she was once afraid to speak up for herself, she has grown into a brave leader for her community. She said, “I felt like a little turtle, but not anymore. Now I feel like a butterfly. I feel as though I have grown wings and I am flying.” She also explained how personal leadership can grow into big changes—like the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights—that truly transform our society. And finally, Palmira Figueroa, a longtime friend and ally of the Casa Latina community, reminded us of our connectedness—that our liberation depends on your liberation, and yours on ours.

As Palmira’s comments on connectedness imply—we depend on people like you—our donors, allies, and friends—to make our work possible, so we are incredibly grateful to you for being such a vital and vibrant part of the En Camino celebration. Your gifts truly transform the lives of our members, giving them new work opportunities, helping them learn English, keeping them safe on the job, informing them of their rights, and empowering them to make the change they want to see in the world. Thank you for resisting with us as we build a more loving and just world.

For over two decades Casa Latina has journeyed “en camino”—on the road—in solidarity with the immigrant community. With your help, Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.