2021 Community Organizing Priorities

We envision a future where the Latino immigrant community participates fully in the economy and democracy of this country. Led by members of our community and in partnership with coalition partners, Casa Latina organizes at the state, city, and national level to create systematic changes to make this vision a reality. Below are some of our priorities for 2021. 

Washington State

Washington State Legislative Session begins today January 11th!

Unemployment Insurance that Includes Everyone who Contributes. Undocumented workers are excluded from programs like unemployment insurance, including those who pay taxes. Everyone who works and contributes to our economy should be included in this safety net.   

Worker’s Compensation for Day laborers and Domestic WorkersDay laborers and domestic workers often lack access to worker’s comp insurance and therefore lack support if injured on the job. Washington State can lead the way in creating stronger safety nets by researching a more equitable worker’s  compensation that includes everyone.   

End Private Detention Centers. It is time to stop private corporations from making a profit off of people held in detention centers.  

Protect Funding for citizenship assistance programs. State funding provides free legal services for immigrants seeking citizenship. This is a vital service for our community, especially for families who are low-income and can’t afford an attorney to assist with the complicated process.  

Affordable Quality Healthcare for Washington’s Undocumented Workers. Currently undocumented workers are excluded from being able to access affordable public healthcare coverage. Washington can be a leader in creating equitable healthcare system by creating affordable State healthcare plans that includes accessibility for immigrants, no matter your status. 


Create Real Pathways to Citizenship for Everyone. It is time to advocate for clear, clean, and fair pathways to citizenship.

Pass a National Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. It is time to undue old laws from the Jim Crow era that exclude domestic workers from protections and rights granted to other workers. 

City of Seattle

Worker Benefits for Domestic Workers. Seattle can create portable benefits. This groundbreaking innovation will provide domestic workers access to benefits like paid time off and health insurance.  

Together we will continue the work to build a vision where everyone has a right to work and be treated fairly.

In Solidarity,

Marcos Martinez
Executive Director