Casa Latina's statement about employee sexual harassment complaint

Casa Latina is committed to fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. A core part of our work has been championing sexual harassment protections for domestic workersHowever, we know that does not make Casa Latina staff, our members, or our supporters immune to being perpetuators of sexual harassment 

A sexual harassment complaint was made by an employee against a fellow colleague. Our HR team followed up by interviewing both the employees involved and witnesses, which included some members. Included in the process were consultations with attorneys from Barnard Iglitzin & Lavitt LLP and OPEIU Local 8, the union to which both employees belong. 

Because of confidentiality policies to protect those who file a complaint, we can’t share the details of the complaint.  Because of confidentiality for disciplinary issues, we can’t share the details of the action that was taken. What can be shared was that there was a finding and disciplinary action was imposed. There is an ongoing investigation and discussion about the employee’s future is being discussed with the employee’s union 

Casa Latina’s HR team has been working thoroughly to take this sexual harassment complaint seriously. We understand that coming forward to file a sexual harassment complaint is often a traumatic experience for those who have to go through the process of sharing their experience. When employees come forward, we hope it is a sign that there is trust that taking that hard step is worth the effort. We are grateful to employees when they file a complaint and we hope to prove to be a trustworthy employer who models our vision for the world internally.  At Casa Latina we want to remain open to feedback about how to improve our own internal processes for addressing complaints of sexual harassment and building a safe culture. Some members have expressed frustration with the process and have protested, which is their right to do so. Executive Director, Marcos Martinez, has been meeting with members to answer questions and to seek feedback.  We will be reviewing our own processes and we welcome feedback about how we could improve.