Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

Alberto's Story


Alberto is from a small town close to Mexico City. Before a friend introduced him to Casa Latina, Alberto sought jobs on the street corners of big-box, home improvement stores in Seattle. These jobs often led to low wages and unsteady employment. 

A friend explained that Casa Latina stood up for the rights of immigrant workers and also had better paying job opportunities. He has now been a member for more than 11 years, taking advantage of – not just employment opportunities – but also English classes and job training to improve his skills, his safety on the job and to make him eligible for more employment opportunities.

Alberto's options are limited and he relies on the jobs dispatched at Casa Latina’s Day Worker Center to make ends meet and send the rest of his money to Mexico to support his family there.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, things have become incredibly difficult. Understandably, Casa Latina has had to close its Day Worker Center, a vital source of employment for its worker-members. Immigrant workers like Alberto lack the safety net that most Americans enjoy. He does not have access to unemployment, health insurance or funds from the recent economic stimulus package. Even the most basic needs – rent, food and medications – are difficult to afford right now.

Generous donors and foundations have contributed to a Workers Relief Fund which gave Casa Latina the opportunity to provide direct cash assistance to Alberto and other members who have been impacted by the stay at home order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the GoFundMe campaign, Group Health Foundation, National Day Labor Organizing Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Oxfam, Seattle Foundation and individual donors for supporting Casa Latina’s Workers Relief Fund

Because of the generous support of the community, Alberto remains positive and looks forward to when Casa Latina’s Worker Center re-opens.