Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

Our Stories

Who is Casa Latina?

"Casa Latina is where you learn to speak up for yourself. It is the opportunity to build a future for our families with our own hands, through education and work."  -Casa Latina Member

Alberto's Story

Alberto has now been a member for more than 11 years, taking advantage of -not just employment opportunities -but also English classes and job training to improve his skills, his safety on the job and to make him eligible for more employment opportunities. 

Ciriaco's Story

Ciriaco left Honduras in 1991 hoping to build a better life for his family. Having been a fisherman, he looked for similar work in New York, Boston, and then Seattle...

Fredi's Story

Fredi is known for his big grin and positive attitude. He says, “It doesn’t matter where I go, I think it’s a good day. Some people say I’ve never had anything bad happen to me, but I have...” 

Maria Luisa's Story

When Maria Luisa describes how Casa Latina has helped her, she says, “When I arrived, I felt like a plucked chicken and then little by little I grew my feathers back...”