Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

Casa Latina Staff

Staff Directory

Shirley Aguilar, Finance and Administration Director, 206.686.2588
Gabriel Aspee, Transportation Coordinator, 206.686.2631

Patricia Arévalo, Day Worker Center Assistant, 206.686.2629
Leo Carmona, Development and Communications Associate, 206.686.2640
Lucina Carrillo, Worker Center Organizer, 206.686.2619
Elvia Cortés Cortés, Household Helpers Organizer, 206.686.2623
Fredi Dubon, Day Worker Center Coordinator, 206.686.2574

Veronique Facchinelli, Community Programs Director, 206.686.2635
Colleen Fontana, Worker Rights Program Coordinator, 206.686.2613
Emily Gaggia, Education Coordinator, 206.686.2618
Raul Garcia, Day Worker Center Associate
Esteban Ginocchio Silva, Development Operations Associate, 206.686.2596
Silvia Gonzalez, Women Without Borders Lead Organizer, 206.686.2554

Jeffrey Gustaveson, Volunteer Coordinator, 206.686.2621
Araceli Hernandez, Day Worker Center Director, 206.686.2612
María José Morales, Homeless Employment Specialist 206.686.2616
Marcos Martinez, Executive Director, 206.686.2620
Paola Ochoa, Worker Rights Organizer, 206.686.2579
Carla Piña, Executive Assistant,  206.686.2564
Anna Raksany, Development & Communications Director, 206.686.2606
Daniel Silva, Day Worker Center Dispatcher/Organizer
Leonardo Ulate, Workforce Development Coordinator, 206.686.2604 
Juan Villegas, Office and Facilities Manager, 206.686.2639

Juan Ramirez, Trainer, 206.686.2630

Marco Martinez, Trainer, 206.686.2625

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES please contact Anna Raksany at 206.686.2606.

Casa Latina
317 17th Ave South, Seattle WA 98144