Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

La Santa Cecilia - Ice El Hielo

Music video for "El Hielo" by La Santa Cecilia. It is a piece of art that reflects the reality of what our communities face each day, acted out by those who have lived it. Please watch and share as widely as possible. Below we've included discussion questions, links to share it on facebook, twitter, and email.

1. Discussion Questions:
You can also use the video to prompt a discussion in the centers with discussion questions like:
- What is the video about?
- Do you relate to the video in any way? How?
- The main actors in the video are undocumented. Does that change the story for you in any way?
- The video has both dreamers and day laborers acting in it, how are they portrayed? Do you see similarities or differences?
- Should politicians watch this video? Why?
- After watching the video, are there things you see that need to be priorities for immigration reform and what we advocate for?

2. Share the youtube video on facebook by clicking this link:

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