Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.


Casa Latina recommends taking the following steps to ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality work:

  • Provide workers with necessary tools and equipment

All Casa Latina workers come with their own personal protective equipment (WORK BOOTS, SAFETY GOGGLES, EAR PLUGS, N95 DUST MASK, and RUBBERIZED COTTON GLOVES). If additional tools and safety equipment are required for the job, they must be provided by the employer. This includes moving equipment and safety equipment such as appliance dollies and lifting straps (required for moving).
  • Inform workers of fragile or delicate items

Mark all boxes that contain fragile or delicate items. This will ensure workers handle them with special care.
  • Park moving trucks as close as possible to homes and/or offices

Parking close to the destination (rather than across a busy street or several doors down) prevents accidents and helps the workers load and unload as quickly as possible.

Additional protective equipment that may be required:

Appliance dolly: for moving appliances, heavy furniture, and boxes

Anti-slip gloves: for easy lifting of furniture and boxes

Lifting straps: for lifting heavy items

Casa Latina trains all our workers to follow OSHA standards  for health and safety in the workplace. Some of the most important safety tips we promote are:

  • To properly use protective equipment
  • To make sure all tools and equipment are in good working condition
  • To use ergonomic position techniques
  • To check the work area for hazards and to clean or move anything that can cause an accident

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