Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.


Casa Latina recommends taking the following steps to ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality work:

  • Provide workers with necessary tools and equipment

All Casa Latina workers come with their own personal protective equipment (WORK BOOTS, SAFETY GOGGLES, EAR PLUGS, N95 DUST MASK, and RUBBERIZED COTTON GLOVES). If additional tools and safety equipment are required for the job, they must be provided by the employer. This includes demolition equipment and safety equipment such as respirator and hearing protection (required for work with gas-powered machines).
  • Conduct a survey to detect hazardous materials

Before the worker arrives, conduct a survey to detect hazardous materials. If any are present, find out how to have them safely removed and provide your worker with all of the required safety equipment and instructions for removal. If the area to be demolished was built before 1970, it is likely that asbestos are present. Conducting a survey protects both the worker and your family. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency provides information about asbestos.
  • Conduct a survey to locate utilities

Before demolition, conduct a survey to locate all utilities. Mark, shut off, and/or cap all electric, gas, water, steam, sewer, and other service lines. If you are unsure how to do any of the above, call 811 or visit to schedule a FREE survey with your utility company. 
  • Make sure all power tools are in good working condition

Before your worker arrives, check all power tools and extension cords for wear-and-tear or damage (such as exposed wires or dull blades). Make sure all extension cords have a ground prong (the third pin). Do not use damaged power tools or extension cords.

Additional protective equipment that may be required:

Hard hat: to protect from falling objects and overhead objects
Leather gloves: for work with sharp objects or power tools
Respirator: for work near fumes and gases
Hearing protection: for work with loud machinery or power tools

Casa Latina trains all our workers to follow OSHA standards  for health and safety in the workplace. Some of the most important safety tips we promote are:

  • To properly use protective equipment
  • To make sure all tools and equipment are in good working condition
  • To use ergonomic position techniques
  • To check the work area for hazards and to clean or move anything that can cause an accident
  • To properly ventilate the work area

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