Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.


Education Program Internship
Minimum commitment:  3 months; Minimum weekly commitment: 9 hours
Casa Latina was founded in 1994 to empower Seattle’s Latino immigrants by providing them with educational and economic opportunities that give people the tools they need to work, live, support their families, and contribute to the Seattle community.
Our Education Program, Day Worker Center, Worker Defense Committee, and the Leadership Program are all focused on giving the training, knowledge, and support our members need to move toward greater self-sufficiency.
For 20 years, Casa Latina has taught ESL classes to day laborers and is nationally recognized for its contextualized curriculum based on community needs. It has been recognized in the ESL field as providing an effective community response to teaching non-traditional students: low literate immigrant workers.
Intern Duties: 
Teach ESL Classes:
  • Teach a weekly ESL class or sub for other instructors depending upon schedule and availability
  • Note: ESL classes are taught in the Day Workers’ Center, in the mornings, Monday through Saturday.  The ESL program utilizes popular education and ‘practical’ ESL theory to cover topics from worker negotiations to immigration to health. Interns must observe five ESL classes prior to teaching and a minimum commitment of three months is required. Some Spanish language skills are required. 
Support ESL program and volunteer teachers:
  • Manage the teaching schedule
  • Organize lesson plan folders and materials cabinet; replace and update outdated materials or make new versions of materials
  • Ensure that visuals accompanying ESL lesson plans are in the right place and are of high quality
  • Gather attendance sheets weekly from ESL classrooms and enter attendance data into the Casa Latina database.
  • Manage supplies in ESL classrooms ensuring the materials are prepared and stocked 
Miscellaneous Activities:
  • Support special events and fundraisers
Requirements: Intermediate Spanish language skills, experience/interest in working with racially and economically diverse communities, experience/interest in working to develop and deepen your cultural competency skills, experience/interest in contributing to the social justice work of our organization.
Schedule: Offered each academic quarter or semester including summer; weekly schedule is flexible
Reports to: Education Coordinator
To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to:
Deborah Purce
Casa Latina Volunteer Coordinator