Casa Latina's mission is to empower Latino immigrants through educational and economic opportunities.

Casa Latina Staff

Staff Directory

Shirley Aguilar, Finance and Administration Director, Ext.106
Gabriel Aspee, Transportation Coordinator, Ext. 109 
Cariño Barragan, Campaign Organizer, Ext. 122
Fredi Dubon, Popular Educator, Ext. 113
Rebecca Fine, Development Operations Associate, Ext. 115
Raul Garcia, Day Worker Center Associate

Araceli Hernandez, Programs Director, Ext. 111
Veronique Facchinelli, Workforce Development Manager, Ext. 119
Colleen Fontana, Worker Rights Outreach Coordinator, Ext. 123
Emily Gaggia, Education Coordinator, Ext. 120
Esteban Ginocchio Silva, Day Worker Center Coordinator, Ext. 103
Sierra Golden, Communications Associate, Ext. 116
Silvia Gonzalez, Popular Educator, Ext. 107
Marcos Martinez, Executive Director, Ext. 110
Chris Megargee, Development and Communications Director, Ext. 114
Carla Piña, Executive Assistant, Ext. 104
Deborah Purce, Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 121
Adam Roca, Evaluator, Ext 124
Daniel Silva, Day Worker Center Dispatcher/Organizer
Leonardo Ulate, Day Worker Center Organizer, Ext. 118
Juan Villegas, Office and Facilities Manager, Ext. 117 

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES please contact Sierra Golden 206.686.2640 or Chris Megargee 206.686.2606

Casa Latina
317 17th Ave South, Seattle WA 98144